Annual General Meeting 2015.

Lip. 27, 2015, 2 po południu Autor E Fiedziuk

Annual General Meeting.

Disappointingly only small number bothered to turn up despite well publicized event.

Chairman Mr M Tomaszewski gave detailed annual account on activities and work completed during last financial year. Other members of committee also gave their detailed reports. Following reports discussion took place on all matters concerning financial and other subjects.

Non-attending members should be deeply ashamed of themselves for not taking interest in clubs welfare and it's future. They show complete lack of respect and no appreciation for the efforts made by their parents and grandparents who have sacrificed their time and effort to have a place they can claim as their own. It is obvious that their total lack of support and non attending important AGM's can eventually lead to closure of the club.

The same Committee was re-elected once again due to lack of attendees and we are pleased to welcome Mrs Izabella Forkin as new committee member.